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I was emailed this over weekend but it’s a bank holiday weekend, which means Im usually busy with other stuff, this is why I’m on the look out for more news contributers. Since then other sites from other nations have picked up on the news that to go with ... Full article
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Firstly apologies in announcing our winners, it took a while for our panel of judges to pick our winner and runner up. Thank you to all those who entered on social media with the majority of the enteries coming via instragram. We had not one but two of this ... Full article
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Seems not everyone wants to claim their prize so here is a reminder for those who won our LEGO Elves magazine giveaway. The entries have been tallied and the winners have been chosen, so without further ado, we are pleased to announce the winners of our LEGO Elves Magazine ... Full article
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One of the disadvantages of licensed themes is the reliance on someone else’s material. When you’re making X-Wings and TIE fighters, iconic staples of the theme, you’re fine but you can soon find yourself with slim pickings once the fan favourites are all out there. With only a brief ... Full article
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The all new animated (yes, animated!) LEGO stickers are here and ready to download. Let the LEGO Minifigures do the talking! ‪#‎LEGOStickers‬. These can be used in chat or messages and in comments as well. Good thing is, these are free to download. Full article
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Our German friends Promobricks have uploaded an image of an upcoming store calendar that features this year’s first holiday exclusive, which is 40138 Holiday Train. While not a replacement for the original holiday train from 2007 that most people would like to see a new version of, it’s still ... Full article
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Never has the term’ Everything is Awesome’ deemed so fitting, as LEGO Dimensions is the perfect embodiment of awesome. With every new reveal the excitement for this brand new LEGO videogame keeps on growing. With just under a month to go before we all get to play it, Warner ... Full article
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A Sprocker Spaniel was officially declared the UK’s best pet when he came nose to nose with his perfect LEGO double at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort today. One year old Sully was voted the nation’s top dog for helping a family deal with life changing tragedy and was nominated ... Full article
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Bank holiday weekend then it’s September that means next Friday is the big reveal of the Star Wars stuff, Wall-E will be hitting the shelves all though rumors are they have recalled some due to issues if you believe the stuff on Reddit. Also the latest series of collectable ... Full article
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It seems Warner Bros. liked my idea of a LEGO Dimensions Release Schedule so much they created one of their own. (I’m kidding of course) Admittedly theirs is a little more funky looking and it gives the exact release dates for Waves Four and Five. LEGO Dimensions is now ... Full article
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I was sent a full box of the latest series of Collectable Minifigures (officially out on the 1st of September) and just had to open them up and grab a full set! On a slight side note – a bit of a shameless plug, but I am giving two ... Full article
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USA game site Gamestop have revealed the Norther American release date is 26/1/16. We already knew the game had been pushed back from an Autumn release thansk to Arthur Parsons at Gamescon. Personally I can see the logic of pushing it back so the game does not clash/get over ... Full article
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A limited edition LEGO set of only 200 LEGO Tractor Play sets is now on sale at Stockwood Discovery Centre. this set has been designed and built by Bright Bricks The LEGO set has been specially created to celebrate the Bricks in Motion LEGO exhibition currently on display at ... Full article
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While like many other LEGO fan sites we are tied to a strict embargo regarding images linked to the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII film until the 4th of September. So while sites not part of the LAN programme or connected with LEGO have been posting away we are ... Full article
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LEGO Worlds has received a brand new update which expands the game into wet new horizons, yep budding builders can now hop in the big blue and explore the vast oceans of their LEGO Worlds. So if you happen to be running out of places to build on land, ... Full article
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Here’s an exclusive clip from LEGO’s Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom! Featuring voices such as Mark Hamill, Khary Payton, & James Arnold Taylor thansk to IGN Facebook page, the DVD is shipping in the US but we have to wait a little bit longer here in ... Full article
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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed today screenshots that showcase some of the many different environments that exist throughout the 14 levels of LEGO® Dimensions™, the upcoming entertainment experience that merges physical LEGO brick building with interactive console gameplay. Players can interact with most of the fan-favourite universes within LEGO ... Full article
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Blocks are once again rewarding their loyal subscribers. As a thank you for those who have been enjoying Blocks magazine over the last 12 months and they’re pleased to announce they are offering Blocks’ next minifigure FREE to anyone renewing their subscription. Joe The Zombie Postman is based on ... Full article
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The entries have been tallied and the winners have been chosen, so without further ado, we are pleased to announce the winners of our LEGO Elves Magazine giveaway. The new LEGO® Elves magazine is filled with everything fans of the theme will love including magical comic strips, cool facts about the characters of ... Full article
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This minifigure was first revealed to those who attended Bricktastic event in Manchester. He comes from the creative minds of and is based on everyone’s favourite idiot Mr. Bean. He is on sale now For just £9.95 and all we need now is teddy and his mini. Here ... Full article
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LEGO a better investment than shares and gold – well that’s according to an article posted yesterday in The Telegraph. Say what you want about the reseller market, love it or hate it, it does play a massive part in our hobby. It allows people to collect what they ... Full article
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Wow LEGO Ideas is a buzz of activity at moment as yet another project hit 10k late last night, making it the third one in less than a week. The project is The Indominus Rex project by senteosan who has done loads of projects based on the Jurassic Park IP. ... Full article
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Morning Brick Fanatics, playing catch pu this morning with a few articles that came out yesterday evening/last night. First up comes via our American friends The Brick Fan about the next seasonal brand store/online exclusive which is Halloween. The set number is 40122 and is the LEGO Seasonal Halloween ... Full article
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I was a massive fan of the Monster Fighters theme. It was a real gem and I personally felt LEGO could/should have done more. The fact it lasted only a year left fans wanting more. So this year when news came filtering through that they had secured the Scooby ... Full article
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Hot on the heals of the Ghostbusters StayPuft Marshmallow Man hitting 10,000 supporters is The Hobbit-Rivendell by fishingtwister. This is based on the book/film and features 10 major buildings. It’s a massive creation in the project the creator is propsing a set that includes all 10 buildings with main ... Full article